Cosmetics in times
of Corona

Stagnation or rethinking?

The corona pandemic affects companies in very different ways. While the food industry and the production of medical and hygiene products are booming, others have to shut down. In some cases, production has come to a complete standstill, while other companies have switched their production from one day to the next to urgently needed goods.

How is this global crisis affecting the cosmetics industry?

The entrepreneurial couple Oliver and Nicole Simon, who have been successful in the market for many years with their companies SK UV Gele and Look to go, also had to face the question: How do we want to position ourselves further? What is the right path for this uncertain situation – what about the future?

The company SK UV Gele is a successful manufacturer of UV gels for the cosmetics industry worldwide. The nail polish brand “Look to go” has made a name in the market through sustainable, high-quality production Made in Germany.

“We were naturally very concerned about our production and especially about our employees”, says Oliver Simon. “We were faced with the question: Are we waiting for things to come or are we going to take direct action and act against it?“

The couple opted for the proactive approach.

Entrepreneurial couple Oliver and Nicole Simon

“We wanted to think “out of the box”, even if this meant taking a risk for us”, says Nicole Simon. “The order situation was never in jeopardy at any time. On the contrary, we could hardly save ourselves from work.”

So the couple decided to create jobs instead of cutting back. Despite the crisis, two new employees were hired in the online & social media sector and the sales department was further expanded by an experienced team.

“As a result, we were naturally able to give our current employees a feeling of security and at the same time take advantage of the good order situation to develop strategically”, adds Nicole Simon.

“Our suppliers and our logistics could only act to a limited extent due to the restrictions, and in some cases the orders could not be processed as quickly as before. Nevertheless, thanks to good partnerships, we were able to rely on consistently good quality in the area of raw material procurement and thus maintain the high standard of our products – we didn’t want to bury our heads in the sand, but to be proactive on other fronts”, says Oliver Simon.

In order to be able to continue to satisfy customers to the usual extent, the couple used this phase to reposition the online sector, generate new partners and establish cooperation.

Strengthened and with new input, the Simon couple has firmly resolved to leave the crisis behind.

“We have grown even closer together as a company and are sure that we have made the right decision. Our employees appreciate our courage and the order situation proves us right.“