About SK UV Gele

SK UV Gele GmbH is an owner-managed company. Nicole and Oliver Simon are looking back on many years of experience in nail design and have been able to establish the company internationally through quality, reliability, determination and personal high standards.
The products of SK UV Gele GmbH have been appreciated by well-known companies worldwide for many years.

High quality standard from the beginning

In order to be able to produce quality, high demands are placed on the raw materials.
Only first-class materials are used in our gels.

Complete product documentation

From the moment of buying raw materials through to shipping the produced gel, everything is documented to strict standards. The choice of raw materials and the production of gels are absolutely KVO compliant.

Varied product selection

We offer a selection of over 3900 different UV gels. If you do not discover "your" UV gel, please contact us. Our consultants will find the right solution for your needs.

In-house production

Our chemists and laboratory workers produce all gels according to strict specifications and high quality standards. We attach great importance to regular further education of our experts.

Worldwide shipping

Our gels are sold worldwide in the "private label" - we also find the best logistic solution for your order.


Nicole & Oliver Simon

Nicole Simon (CEO) has been working as an entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry for more than 25 years.
Her roots are in nail design – she trained nail designers at her own nail academy, was booked by well-known companies as a trainer and consultant and supported them at trade fairs.
Through her successful participation in national and international championships she realized that the offered gel qualities did not meet her high demands. She met her husband, who also worked in the cosmetics industry, and together they set out to make their own claims accessible and accessible to others by starting their own production company. Here they have succeeded in perfecting the qualities of the gels, which are now valued worldwide.

Benefit from our experience and our professionalism.
Discover the colorful world of nail design with us and pursue your goals with us.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney