Leo Look


Our Six Leo Look
Essential Colours

This photo shows an example of a possible combination of shades for leo-look nail art. Choose a light brown as the base shade and apply the leo pattern with a full brown shade and a dark brown.

FG 718
FG 639
NuSO FG 365
NuSO FG 178
FG 690
FG GN 329

Nude and brown shades are absolutely en vogue again at the moment. Nails should definitely match!

We have put together a colour palette of six harmonious shades for you. Delicate nude shades, cappuccino nuances, all the way to strong brown - every taste is catered for here.

The best thing? The colours are wonderful for re-styling the leo look that never goes out of fashion!

All colours also available in our PRO line. HEMA and DI-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE free

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